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Tulsa Web DesignWant to increase sales, traffic and leads?  We can setup a Pay Per Click (PPC) campaign that is proven to deliver increased online exposure, brand awareness and a greater ROI (Return On Investment) than if you were to try to market your own website, product or service.


If you tried to manage your own PPC campaign, you could lose large amounts of money with no results to show for it.  We have been creating and marketing websites since 1999.  We have years of web design and internet marketing knowledge and experience.  We can guarantee an increase in website traffic for your Tulsa Business within 24 hours.

  • Create and manage campaigns for: Google, Yahoo and MSN
  • Increase traffic to your website/landing page
  • Create landing pages optimized for Google Adwords
  • Increase brand name awareness
  • Increase online revenue
  • Create professional written Ad Copies
  • Optimize keyword lists to achieve best results
  • Help integrate web 2.0 social marketing
  • Track performance of keywords
  • Make adjustments to keyword bids
  • Generate lists of keywords for campaign
  • Integrate search engine optimization into your paid search campaign


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Tulsa Web Design | PPC

Our experience with PPC, search engine marketing and search engine optimization (SEO) enables us to make campaigns successful with unparalleled results.  Why try to do it yourself?  When you hire us, you gain the years of experience and knowledge without having to spend countless hours and wasted money on testing what works and what doesn't work.  We have already done this research for you, so all you have to do is hire us.



SEO will bring results, but at a slower rate.  If a site is not already getting good rankings within the search engines, then it will take some time to start seeing results.  But when you do see results, you will continue to reap the benefits without having to dish out money.

Tulsa SEOWith PPC you have to pay every time someone clicks on your ads.  There are also other methods for paid marketing but PPC is the most popular.  PPC is a good choice for marketing because if no one clicks your ads then you don't pay.

So which is better?  They both work great and we recommend that people who want to get serious about online marketing utilize both.  For more information on SEO visit the SEO page.


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